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Developed and designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in pelvic health, pregnancy and postpartum, our premium quality medical-grade dilators and wands are used in clinics nationwide empowering women to take back control and achieve the joy, pleasure, and intimacy they deserve.

Dilator Set Of 5

There's no "one size fits all", but our dilators are modeled after the most common needs ranging from the thinnest to the widest sizes found in traditional dilator sets.

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Pelvic Wand

A natural solution for trigger point pain, painful sex, birth prep & post partum, pelvic floor disfunction, post-radiation care, vaginismus, constipation, and painful urination.

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Vibrating Pelvic Wand

Proven to reduce pain and increase pelvic muscle relaxation. The only fully waterproof, pelvic floor stimulator with fifteen vibration settings and a built-in memory recall, allowing you to easily access your preferred setting when powering up.

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Meet Dr. Lindsay Durand-Massumi PT, DPT

"Welcome to NewFlora! We're here to help you learn and grow as you explore new ways of caring for both your body and mind. Whether pelvic health is uncharted territory or a familiar part of your self-care routine, my team and I are here to help and support you reach your health related goals. I created our products as part of our mission to help you reclaim the comfort, confidence, and joy you deserve."